Deploying in the Cloud: 10 Workday deployment considerations

May 14, 2017

When you’re getting ready to make a large investment in your personal life, like purchasing a home, the first thing you probably do is research. Research what’s best in the market. Research reviews. Even research tips and tricks others have learned along the way.

The same should hold true when you are preparing for a new technology platform. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of considerations to help you as you research and prepare for your Workday deployment.

  1. Establish a governance change board
  2. Engage business and regional stakeholders early
  3. Understand your data from a functional perspective
  4. Know your current-state processes in addition to statutory and security requirements
  5. Set objective design goals (i.e., deliver “process consistency” versus “remove pain points”)
  6. Harmonize what you can (i.e., jobs, compensation programs, definition of service dates)
  7. Leverage integration frameworks to create consistency and reduce maintenance
  8. Provide targeted training and job aids to the user population
  9. Staff dedicated, consistent resources
  10. Have a clearly defined plan to incorporate Workday updates

Ready to see how your HR, finance and IT teams should be preparing? Check out our guides:

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